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This M.Tech programme aims to train the students in the cybersecurity discipline through a well-designed combination of courseware and its application on real-world scenarios. The programme has a strong emphasis on foundational course such mathematics for security application, advanced algorithms, networks etc., in addition to diverse subject core areas such as cryptography, operating systems and security, cloud security, security of cyber physical systems etc.

Students will be exposed to real-world problems, open-end problems and simulated real-life scenarios with active guidance from domain experts in this field. The programme will help the students to:

  • Comprehend the various security threats and vulnerabilities of the cyber world keeping in line with industrial trends.
  • Scale up to the demand from multiple industrial sectors on the cyber world to promote effective methods, practices and tools to counter the cyber crimes.
  • To be able to architect, design and implement fool-proof product line in the field of cybersecurity.

Ultimately this programme will yield next generation cybersecurity leaders who can be successfully employed in various sectors of industries, business firms, Government departments, financial bodies, educational institutions, etc, and these sectors generate huge demand for well-trained, professional people to be employed on cybersecurity front and they are always on the look-out for professionally trained people in the area of cybersecurity. 

Duration : Two years 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • B.Tech. (Computer and Information Science)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E.  (Computer Engineering)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E. (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • B.Tech.  or B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • B.Tech. (Information and Communication Technology)
  • B.Tech. or B.E.  (Information Technology)
  • B.Tech. or B.E.  (Software Engineering)
  • M.Sc. in Computer Applications
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science
  • M.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology
  • M.Sc. in Information Security and Cyber Forensics
  • M.Sc. in Information Technology , MCA

Focus Areas

  • Formal Models for Trust in Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things and Security
  • Security Data Visualization
  • Cyber-physical/Networked Embedded Systems
  • Cryptography
  • Healthcare Security
  • BigData Analytics Platform
  • Automotive Security
  • Security Education


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Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Computing Systems Laboratory
  • Semantic Intelligence Lab
  • IoT Enabling and Security Research Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Next Generation Internet Architecture and Security Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab

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Semester I

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
18SN611 SC Essentials of Cybersecurity 0 0 3 3
18SN612 SC Operating System and Security 3 0 1 4
18SN601 FC Practical Algorithms for Programmers 1 0 3 4
18SN613 SC Network Security 3 0 1 4
     Elective -I       3
18HU601 HU Amrita Values Program*       P/F
18HU602 HU Career Competency I*       P/F
Credits     18

Semester II

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
18SN614 SC Cryptography and Applications 4 0 0 4
    18SN615 SC Systems Security 3 0 1 4
    18SN616 SC Cyber Forensics and Incident Response 2 0 1 3
  E Elective II       3
  E Elective III       3
18HU603 HU Career Competency II 0 0 2 1
18RM600 SC Research Methodology 2 0 0 2
18SN797 P Live-in-Labs*       P/F
Credits     20

Semester III

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
  E Elective IV       3
  E Elective V       3
18SN798 P Dissertation       10
Credits     16

Semester IV

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
18SN799 P Dissertation       10
Credits     10

Total Credits: 64

List of Courses

Foundation Core

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
18SN601 FC Practical Algorithms for Programmers 1 0 3 4

Subject Core

Course code Type Course title L T P Cr
18SN611  SC Essentials of Cybersecurity 0 0 3 3
18SN612 SC Operating System and Security 3 0 1 4
   18SN613 SC Network Security 3 0 1 4
18SN614 SC Cryptography and Applications 3 0 0 3
   18SN615 SC Systems Security 3 0 1 4
   18SN616   SC Cyber Forensics and Incident Response 2 0 1 3

Project Work

Course Code Course title L T P Cr
18SN798 Dissertation       8
18SN799 Dissertation       12


Course code Course title L T P Cr
18MA612 Mathematical Foundations for Cybersecurity 3 0 0 3
18SN701 Distributed Systems and Security 3 0 0 3
18SN702 Security in the Cloud 3 0 0 3
18SN703 Formal Methods 3 0 0 3
18SN704 Security of Cyber Physical Systems 3 0 0 3
18SN705 Android Internal Security 2 0 1 3
18SN706 Advanced  Network Security 3 0 0 3
18SN707 Mobile Computing and Security 3 0 0 3
18SN708 Malware Analysis 2 0 1 3
18SN709 SCADA Network Security 3 0 0 3
18SN710 Software Protection 3 0 0 3
18SN711 Security of Internet of Things 1 0 2 3
18SN712 Digital Systems Security 3 0 0 3
18SN713 Introduction to Software Reverse Engineering 2 0 2 3
18SN714 Wireless Security 3 0 0 3
18SN715 Database and Web Application Security 3 0 0 3
18SN716 Data Analytics for Security 2 0 1 3
18SN717 Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies 2 0 1 3
18SN718 Cybersecurity Governance 3 0 0 3
18SN719 Software Defined Networking and Security 1 0 2 3

General Subjects  Curriculum & Syllabus



Industry Partners

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International Programs

Centre for International Programs facilitates foreign internship with scholarship and higher education. Students can even opt for dual degree programs.

Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks has a strong alumni group with its members working for many Multinational companies across the globe. Many students after graduation from our center, are also pursuing higher education in Top 200 universities of the world.

I graduated from Amrita in 2011 with a bachelors in Computer Science and placement in a well paying software company. At Amrita, I was a beneficiary of a lot of attention and guidance from their faculty. I have seen how Amrita molds their students to achieve what they think is otherwise impossible. After an exciting tenure of two years in the industry, I realized the need for a higher degree to climb the success ladder. Amrita was the only option that came to my mind at that time. What was also particularly attractive, was their dual degree offerings. I enrolled for dual degree Masters at the Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks , Amritapuri, in the year 2013 and did my second year of Masters at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. As I am writing this, I am at VU pursuing my PhD in system security. My heartfelt gratitude to Amrita and the Chancellor of the Institution Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, for instilling in us good values, and for giving us the confidence to take on life. Very sincere thanks also to the faculty at Amrita; they strive to bring out the best in us. Amrita is the best choice I ever made in my life! Thank you Amrita!

Radhesh Krishnan
Batch 2014

I am a PhD student at KU Leuven. The masters programme at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 'Cybersecurity Systems & Networks' helped in broadening my horizon and also gave an opportunity to complete the masters at VU Amsterdam. Being from an Electronics background did not hold me back from plunging into the depth of the cyber world. The excellent faculty, flexible lab and work timing and the facilities at Amrita makes it stand apart from others. The study environment and support from faculties who have very good insight about the industry as well as academia, gave me the perfect environment to mould myself. With the increasing use of internet applications and cloud services, data and privacy breach is also rising and this calls for more research in this interesting field and this programme can help you to take the dive into the field. We are very much grateful to the alumni community for make us proud !!!


Archana B. S.
Batch 2014

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