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Ph. D. in Commerce and Management

Ph. D. in Commerce and Management is offered by Amrita School of Arts ans Sciences at Kochi campus.

Ph. D. in Commerce and Management

PhD. Commerce and Management is the application of commerce and management to a specific area of research and development activities. The seven components of research management include theory and methodology; Planning, implementation and evaluation of research programs; Communications; Utilization; And special applications. Research areas PhD. Commerce and Management are International Financial Reporting, Strategic Sot Management, Business Forensics, Accounting Information Systems, Audit Technology, Capital Markets based Accounting Approach, Revenue Management , Entrepreneurship Development, and Business Intelligence. The department organize various seminar, conference, workshop at national and international level. The faculties of the department are actively involved in research related to the domain by publishing various research papers and have presented various papers at national and international conferences. They have scopus indexed publications and numerous publications in UGC accredited journals. They also bring into the classroom energetic and fun contemporary knowledge trends that can make learning an effortless process. . Faculties are structured individuals who can predict and strategize for the overall growth of the organization.

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Doctoral programs at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham are designed to develop outstanding educational researchers with a wide range of research skills as well as in-depth knowledge and practical understanding and expertise in their chosen field of educational research.

Learning Steps for Ph.D.

Course Work (Ph.D.)

The number of course-work credits that a doctoral student undertakes is decided by the Doctoral Committee and depends upon the student’s background and intended Ph.D. research area.
Research Methodology and Foundation Course are compulsory courses for all streams.

In addition:

Students entering with an M.A., M.Com., M.F.A., and M.S.W. degree must complete a minimum of 12 credits.
All students have to complete a 3-credit Minor course, i.e., one that falls outside the student’s research area. This course could be from the same school as that of the student (but different department) or it could be from a different school. The credits for the Minor course are included in the above-mentioned course-work credits. When necessary, the Doctoral Committee may prescribe more course-work credits than the minimum number of credits stated above.

In addition to course-work, the doctoral student is expected to carry out creative and scholarly research leading up to the completion of a written Ph.D. Thesis. Doctoral research must result in original and substantial contributions to the chosen specialized field of study. This requires mastery of the literature in the specialized field, and critical thinking and judgment. The student should also relate the field of study to the broader discipline within which the research falls.
In recognition of the substantial nature of Ph.D. thesis work, it will carry 60 credits. Full-time doctoral students shall register for 10-15 credits per semester. Satisfactory progress in thesis work will result in an ‘O’ grade (for ongoing) and unsatisfactory progress will result in an ‘I’ grade (for incomplete), which is to be made up within one semester.

Satisfactory progress will be judged by the Doctoral Committee on the basis of semester wise progress reports submitted by the doctoral student and/or the completion of publishable papers.

Comprehensive Examination

All doctoral students must take a Comprehensive Examination after completion of all course-work. The Comprehensive Examination is an oral (in some Schools, a written-cum-oral) examination administered by the Doctoral Committee and examines the course work undergone by the candidate.


After completion of the Comprehensive Examination, every doctoral student is expected to publish one refereed paper a year. These papers should be in a Scopus indexed journal or conference proceedings.

Qualifying Examination and Thesis Proposal

All doctoral students must take a Qualifying Examination. The Qualifying Examination is an oral examination administered by a Qualifying Examination Committee consisting of the Doctoral Committee together with an external expert from a reputed academic or R&D institution in India. The Convener of the Doctoral Committee will be the Convener of the Qualifying Examination Committee.

Open Seminars

After advancement to candidacy, all doctoral candidates are required to present two research seminars. The two seminars should be at least six months apart, with the second seminar being held immediately before the submission of the Synopsis

Thesis Synopsis

Once the Thesis Advisor and Doctoral Committee are satisfied that the doctoral candidate has completed the required research for the award of the Ph.D. degree and the candidate has published (or has an acceptance of) a refereed Scopus indexed journal paper and has also given the second Open Seminar the candidate is required to submit a written Synopsis to the Doctoral Committee for approval. The Synopsis should include the motivation, significance and main objectives of the research, along with a brief literature survey and a detailed report on the thesis research.

Thesis Submission and Evaluation

The doctoral candidate should submit the Ph.D. Thesis to the Doctoral Committee normally within six weeks from the date of submission of the Synopsis.

Thesis Defense and Final Recommendation

On getting reports from examiners regarding the acceptance of thesis.

Progress Reports

Recommendation reports of the doctoral committee and open defense panel.

Important Note

2024 Phase 1 Admissions Open


Dr. P. Balasubramanian
Dr. P. Balasubramanian
Assistant Professor (SG)
Research Supervisor

Dr. N. Ajithkumar
Dr. N. Ajithkumar
Research Supervisor

Dr. N. V. Sreedharan
Dr. N. V. Sreedharan
Research Guide

Dr. Prasanth A. P.
Dr. Prasanth A. P.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Indu Maneesh Kumar
Dr. Indu Maneesh Kumar
Assistant Professor

Dr. T. G. Manoharan
Dr. T. G. Manoharan
Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Dr. Vidhya Vinayachandran
Dr. Vidhya Vinayachandran
Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Dr. Suresh K.
Dr. Suresh K.
Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Dr. P. Ravindranath
Dr. P. Ravindranath
Research Guide



Faculty at Commerce and Management conducts research in the fields of individual expertise, frequently working alongside research assistants and doctorate students.

Some of the researches being undertaken in the areas of:


Corporate Finance and Strategy, Financial Markets and Institutions, Market Microstructure, Behavioral Finance, Agricultural credit societies and Commodity Derivatives.


Green Marketing mix on consumer behavior, Contract Farming in medicinal plant farmers, Organic Products, Buying Behavior, Economic Efficiency of milk production among dairy farmers, Traditional Bamboo handcrafts marketing practices, general marketing behavior, Personality issues in workplace, and branding.

Human Resources:

Work-Life Balance and Work-Family Enrichment, Workplace Diversity and Inclusiveness, Spiritual intelligence in Employee Job Stress, Employee Well-Being Issues, CSR Practices in Indian Organizations, Employee Relations, Employer Branding, Employee Engagement, Technology and Human Interface, Positive organizational behavior.

General Management:

Waste Management, Start-Up policy initiatives in Kerala, Green Banking Practices, Servant Leadership in Teaching, corporate Governance, Supply Chain Management, Technology Management, Back water Tourism and Sustainability.

Placement Details

Students are guided toward placements with highly regarded companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Federal Bank, Cognizant, and other comparable firms after successfully completing the programme. Students are given access to the Vidyamritam Extra Mural Lecture series, an expert lecture series on industrial and societally relevant themes, in order to continuously establish rapport with top management of reputable firms. Additionally, the students receive specific instruction to help them prepare for several competitive tests.

Career Prospectus

Additionally, specialized training is offered to increase students’ aptitude, communicative, and logical skills in order to enhance their professional possibilities. The curriculum and syllabus are created so that students will have a direction for taking competitive exams and aspiring to further education. There is provided specialised training for the UGC NET/JRF qualifying exam.

Department Activities

Every year, the Department of Commerce engages in a number of activities :

  • Workshops are held on structural equation modelling using AMOS, hands-on sessions on data analysis using SPSS, research report writing, how to write good articles, financial analysis – balance sheet, GST, etc.
  • Guest lectures from prominent industry figures are occasionally given on campus.
  • The AVYUKTA Annual Commerce and Management Fest is held.
  • Seminars on topics including digital marketing, goods and sales tax, and logistics management are organised.
  • Recently, the Business Development Club launched an awareness event on several entrepreneurship routes through a Panel Discussion on “Successful Entrepreneurship” in collaboration with DIC, Kochi.
  • Visits to businesses such as FACT, CUMI, CICFS, HIL, and BPCL are made.
Research Areas under the program
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Entrepreneurship Development,
  • Strategic Management,
  • Organizational Behavior,
  • Capital Market,
  • Banking and Insurance,
  • Financial Accounting,
  • Direct Tax and Indirect Tax,
  • Travel and Tourism.
  • 26 scopus publication

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Data Science Computer lab
  • SPSS
  • AMOS
  • R-Programme
  • Python
  • Gretl
  • Eview
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