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Chancellor’s Seed Grant for Research Infrastructure

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State-of-the-art Scientific Equipment, Instrumentation Devices, and Workstations are indispensable to high-end scientific research. We are committed to providing our researchers with the required research infrastructure as well as the periodic maintenance and upgrading of the existing facilities.  Faculty can conduct research in critical areas and use that research output to secure extramural grant support. Faculty applying under the SGRI Scheme for the research should submit a seed grant proposal in the prescribed format to the Office of the Provost. The submissions will be scrutinized by an expert committee and the eligible applicants are interviewed and the committee’s recommendations are submitted to the Provost. The final approval will be granted by the Provost.

The Grant Covers

  1. Infrastructure for innovative research plans for faculty based on merit.
  2. Laboratory equipment or consumable support for faculty conducting meritorious research.
  3. Establishing new Labs


Who can Apply?

This program is exclusive for full-time Amrita faculty holding  Ph.D. degrees.

When to Apply?

The call for proposals will be published in portal along with the important dates. An Email communication announcing the call will be separately sent out to the Research Heads and Research Committee members.

How to Apply?

There shall be two parts of application.

Part.A: Eligible Applicants are required to fill out the Online Scrutiny Form.

Part.B: A detailed word document duly filled in with the approval of the head of the institution has to be submitted through email to the Office of The Provost. The standard document template shall be made available in the portal.


Submission of Part.A and Part.B applications are mandatory for considering the application as complete.

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