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χ(3) measurements of axial ligand modified high valent tin(IV) porphyrins using degenarete four wave mixing at 532nm

Publication Type : Journal

Publisher : AIP Conf. Proc

Source : AIP Conf. Proc., 2014,1620, 506-510.

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Pharmacy

Department : Pharmaceutics

Year : 2014

Abstract : Porphyrins and metalloporphyrins are unique class of molecules for Nonlinear Optical applications because of their unique structure of altering the central metal atom, large extended π-system, high thermal stability, tunable shape, symmetry and synthetic versatility Here, we report χ(3) Measurements of a simple phenyl porphyrins and its highvalent tin(IV) porphyrins with Bromination characterized by UV-Visible spectroscopic method. In this study, we employed the Degenerate Four Wave Mixing technique using forward Boxcar geometry with an Nd:YAG nano second pulsed laser as source and it was found that the tin(IV) porphyrin with Bromination exhibits good χ(3) value and figure of merit.

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