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A critical review of Buddhi, Smriti, Medha, Manas and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : International Ayurvedic Medical Journal (IAMJ)

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Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Ayurveda

Department : Kaumar Bhritya

Year : 2023

Abstract : Balyavastha (childhood) is a very valuable time in every individual’s life. Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Knowledge or skills learned and experienced in younger period of their life which is considered as a key period for their growth, development and intelligence definitely will have an impact as a deciding factor in determining the success in their future life. In this highly competitive world, people live a very fast life, and every second is important and those who have good skills, psyche, intelligence perform faster or better than others. Every parent wants their child to be the best. Many a times scores like IQ categorize the children and decide their future. Many succeed, at least few lags behind especially those affected with Poor scholastic performance, Low IQ. A better understanding of the key Ayurveda concepts like Buddhi, Smriti, Medha, Manas and even Intelligence in modern perspective is found to be very much vital for excelling in every manner with good quality life. Medha is an entity of Buddhi and Buddhi manifests with a combination of Atma (soul) and Manas (mind). Buddhi is a specific phenomenon that motivates an individual to perform or work in a specific manner and after proper analysing, they reach conclusive knowledge. Smriti is a specific ability to recollect past knowledge or experiences. Medha is a type of intellect which has the power of retention of knowledge. Manas has a very essential role in our daily life. Intelligence is the maturity of motor, language, personal, social, and adaptive behavior. This paper highlights these basic concepts and how each one of them is connected to one another.

Cite this Research Publication : A critical review of Buddhi, Smriti, Medha, Manas and Intelligence Quotient (IQ): Kannan Sagar, Shailaja U. International Ayurvedic Medical Journal (IAMJ); November 2023.doi:10.46607/iamj3611112023

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