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A Framework for Remote Health Monitoring

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Source : ICT Systems and Sustainability, Springer Singapore, Singapore, p.101-112 (2021)

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ISBN : 9789811582899

Year : 2021

Abstract : Technologies like sensor and cloud networks are evolving mainly due to their applications and importance. The main mechanism in such networks is the deployment of sensor nodes, collection of data, sending the data to cloud for storage purpose, processing, analyzing, and presenting the results. Nowadays, continuous monitoring of fluctuating vital health signals of a patient or person especially from remote has become essential. It is more important in the pandemic like COVID-19 situation. Hence, there is a need to design, develop, and implement a device to perform such effective and efficient monitoring system. In this paper, we designed and developed a framework for smart health monitoring system (SHMS). In this system, hardware device embedded with various modules like electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyography (EMG), galvanic skin response (GSR), pulse rate, body position, and snore detection sensors are integrated. All these sensed vital signals are read by particle photon (PP) ARM cortex M3 microcontroller and uploaded to PP cloud. From the cloud, the data is exported into .csv file and imported into the developed e-Health web and mobile application.

Cite this Research Publication : V. K. Reddy and Kumar, N., “A Framework for Remote Health Monitoring”, ICT Systems and Sustainability. Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 101-112, 2021.

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