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A Priority Action Roadmap For Women’s Economic Empowerment (PARWEE) Amid COVID-19: A Co-Creation Approach

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship (2021)

Url :'s_economic_empowerment_PARWEE_amid_COVID-19_a_co-creation_approach

Campus : Amritapuri

School : Department of Social Work

Department : Social Work

Year : 2021

Abstract : A co-creation methodology is proposed, combining systems-thinking and remote participatory research to engage women entrepreneurs and institutional stakeholders to prioritize impact, response actions, and recovery needs in the wake of COVID-19. A ranking exercise using the Analytic Hierarchy Process was used to derive ranking and assess user inputs' consistency. The study aims at co-creating a "Priority Action Roadmap for Women's Economic Empowerment," based on women's top priorities to charting recovery directions. Doing so contributes to the growing body of knowledge on COVID-19 literature in at least four areas: (i) assessing COVID-19 impacts on women entrepreneurs; (ii) mapping these impacts with four interdependent women's entrepreneurial ecosystem components; (iii) innovating a co-creation methodology based on remote participatory research: (iv) providing a replicable model to perform action-oriented research in the context of COVID-19 impacts. The study exemplifies the integration of participatory methods and mathematical tool to engage stakeholders in prioritizing recovery work. PARWEE action items ranked by entrepreneurs and vetted by institutional stakeholders cover: access to finances, capacity building, healthcare, public and private partnership, marketing opportunities, and formation of active advocacy groups to voice out women entrepreneurs' needs to institutional stakeholders. Results show a slight difference in the ranking of priority actions between experience owners and fresh starters. This study innovated a new co-creation methodology for remotely engaging stakeholders of the women's entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is grounded in evidence and provides a replicable model for performing action-oriented research.

Cite this Research Publication : Bonin, Sandrine & Singh, Wafa & Suresh, Veena & Rashed, Tarek & Uppaal, Kuiljeit & Nair, Rajiv & Rao, Bhavani. (2021). A priority action roadmap for women's economic empowerment (PARWEE) amid COVID-19: a co-creation approach. International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship. 13. 142-161. 10.1108/IJGE-09-2020-0148.

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