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A prospective study to assess the quality of life in children with asthma using the pediatric asthma quality of life questionnaire

Publisher : Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Paediatrics

Year : 2014

Abstract : Objectives: The objective of the following study is to assess the quality-of-life (QOL) in children with asthma using the mini pediatric asthma quality-of-life questionnaire (mini PAQLQ) with treatment and from the caregiver's point of view using the pediatric asthma caregivers quality-of-life questionnaire (PACQLQ). Materials and Methods: Of the 75 children with asthma in the age group from 7 to 17 years of age, 69 were included in the study. The QOL was assessed using the mini PAQLQ and PACQLQ. An asthma clinical severity score was also used to assess the clinical condition simultaneously. Results: On treatment, there was a significant change in the activity and symptom category of the mini PAQLQ (P 0.001), but there was no significant change in the emotional domain of the mini PAQLQ even after medical intervention (P = 0.563). This indicates that although the activity level of children improved with significant symptomatic improvement, these children did not recover emotionally from the impact of the disease with medical intervention. There was a significant change noted in both the activity and emotional domain of the PACQLQ with treatment. Conclusions: Although the children improved clinically with treatment there was no significant change in the emotional domain of mini PAQLQ. Inspite of there being a positive change in the groups after intervention, no statistically significant change was noted in the PAQLQ scores. Management of a child with asthma should not only include medical intervention but also psychological support and counseling.

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