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A retrospective evaluation of the perioperative drug use and comparison of its cost in robotic vs open surgery for endometrial cancer.

Publisher : J Robot Surg

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Engineering

Department : Biostatistics, Gynecological Oncology

Year : 2018

Abstract : pTo compare the usage and cost of analgesics (opioid and non-opioids), antiemetics, and IV fluids and its associated costs in robotic vs open staging surgery for endometrial cancer (EC). This retrospective study was performed at a single academic institution from January 2014 to June 2017 in the department of Gynecology Oncology at Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kerala, India. The study included women with biopsy confirmed clinically early stage endometrial cancer or atypical hyperplasia, who underwent robotic-assisted or open staging surgery. Data on surgical time, blood loss, post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) stay, and length of hospital (LOH) stay; analgesic, antiemetic, and IV fluid use were collected for three distinct periods: intra-operative, PACU, and ward. Direct medicine and material costs associated with the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids, analgesics, and antiemetics were collected. All parameters were compared between two surgical groups. The study included 133 (54 open and 79 robotic-assisted) patients. As compared to open surgery, robotic-assisted surgery was associated with significantly reduced: surgical time (p = 0.007), estimated blood loss (p  0.001), PACU stay (p  0.001), LOH stay (p  0.001); IV fluids (crystalloid and colloid; p  0.001); opioids (p  0.001), non-opioids (intravenous acetaminophen, oral acetaminophen, diclofenac; all p  0.001); incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting and the requirement of rescue antiemetics (p  0.001). EC staging using robotic-assisted surgery was associated with significantly lower medicine and material costs attributed to IV fluids, analgesia, and antiemetics (p  0.001). As compared to open surgery, robotic surgery was associated with the total saving of $107.7 ($19.5 in IV fluids, $49.2 in analgesics, $1.33 in antiemetics, and $37.8 in material). Robotic-assisted surgical staging for endometrial cancer is associated with decreased requirement and expenditure attributable to post-operative pain, post-operative nausea and vomiting, and maintenance and replacement fluid therapy./p

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