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A simplified approach to identify the fetal ECG from abdECG and to measure the fHR

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer Verlag

Source : IFMBE Proceedings, Springer Verlag, Volume 52, p.23-26 (2015)

Url :

ISBN : 9783319194516

Keywords : AbdECG, Congenital disorders, Electrocardiography, extraction, FECG, FHR, Independent component analysis, MECG

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Center : Computational Engineering and Networking

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2015

Abstract : Fetal ECG (fECG) recording aids physicians to diagnose congenital disorders and other anomalies like asphyxia at the early stages of pregnancy. The fECG extraction has been an area of intensive research. Despite the existence of sophisticated and detailed algorithms – based on adaptive filters, independent component analysis (ICA), c – filtering out the fECG, buried in the noise and mixed up with the maternal ECG (mECG) remains a challenging task. Some residues of mECG are always present in the fECG extracted with all such techniques. A simple algorithm has been developed here to identify the local maxima in the pre-processed abdominal ECG (abdECG) through thresholding; it locates the mECG peaks explicitly. At the outset, the abdECG has been refined by removing the baseline wander and power line interference at a pre-processing stage. With these as pivots the mECG component is eliminated and the fECG of good quality culled out. The fetal heart rate (fHR) and information required to know the condition of fetal heart can be extracted from this fECG effectively. Extraction of these information helps reducing the rate of fetal mortality, and improving the health condition of fetus as well as mother. Performance of the method is better than the conventional adaptive filtering method and the same is proven quantitatively. A processor based realization of the scheme adds to its credibility substantially to ensure its usability in practice. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.

Cite this Research Publication : R. H. Nair, J. Gini, R., and Dr. K. I. Ramachandran, “A simplified approach to identify the fetal ECG from abdECG and to measure the fHR”, in IFMBE Proceedings, 2015, vol. 52, pp. 23-26.

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