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Additional Notes on the Distribution of Palaquium ravii Sasidh. Vink (Sapotaceae) and Local Vicariance and Endemism in Palaquium

Publisher : Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany

Year : 2006

Abstract : Palaquium ravii Sasidb. Vink, formerly known from the districts of Trichur and Idukki has been collected from the Nelliampathy forests of Palakkad district. The species assumes to have a wider distribution than thought before, spanning from South of Palakkad (Palghat) clap up to Aryankavu pass. The genus Palaquium is a typical example for local vicariance and local endemism; while P. ellipticum (Dalz.) Baillon is distributed throughout the W. Ghats, P. bourdillonii Brandis is restricted to the Agasthyamalai ranges (Ashambu Hills) and P. ravii Sasidh. Vink is restricted to the Anamalai-Palni-Cardamom hill complex.

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