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Aircraft in-built parking system using lifting and rotating gear mechanism

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : 3rd World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology ,

Source : 3rd World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , Kathmandu, Nepal, p.464-467 (2014)

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2014

Abstract : There are various sizes of aircrafts with different payload conditions are in use. The aircrafts are long,medium and short sizes; and also enough space is required for parking process of the aircraft. While parking theaircraft, pilot faces more difficulties such as required time for parking, fuel consumption etc. The pilot getsstressed by handling lot of controls to park the aircraft and he needs additional ground team support. The basicrequirement for a parking and storage facility are the runway infrastructure, it should be able to accommodatethe aircraft in general weather conditions. Parking of the aircraft includes planning, execution of a parking sitelayout, it’s to provide the short, medium and long term parking of the aircraft with more ease. The spacingbetween the aircrafts has to be sufficient for easy access and movement. Poor parking procedures result inexpensive damages to the aircrafts. These are all some of the difficulties during the aircraft parking procedures.Aircraft equipped with triangle landing gear are generally towed by attaching a bar to the axle of the nose wheel.They may also be towed forward or backward. Our proposed mechanism is expected to minimize thesedifficulties and make this hard situation into easier ones. This paper addresses a mechanism comprises of a gearand lifting arrangements, sensors, control switches which assists the pilot for ease parking. The liftingmechanism fitted on the landing gear/ fuselage of the aircraft. The whole weight of the aircraft will act on thelanding gear/ lifting mechanism. Separate jack is proposed to use in the respective landing gears/ liftingmechanism. When the aircraft is lifted using the lifting mechanism the whole weight will be acting on themechanism, this lifting mechanism uses ground as support for lifting the aircraft. A push switch can be placed inthe cockpit area to lift the aircraft for the required height. A sensor is placed in the lifting mechanism to detectthe malfunctioning and ensuring all the mechanism get lifted up simultaneously. When the pilot operates thecontrol switch, the lifting mechanism will take ground as a reference and the aircraft will get lifted. Then thelanding gear can be rotated as per the angle required using gear mechanism. In case of triangle landing gear, ourproposed mechanism used to rotate nose wheel for required angle and also rotate main wheels. This mechanismwill be very helpful during the maintenance overhaul time to ease the engineer’s effort.

Cite this Research Publication : Karthick M, Prem Kumar P. S., Padmanaban G, Sivanesan Murugesan, and Vasantharaj C., “Aircraft in-built parking system using lifting and rotating gear mechanism”. 3rd World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , Kathmandu, Nepal, pp. 464-467, 2014.

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