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An Academic Framework for Designing Dashboard and Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education Admission Process Through Java Enterprise Edition

Publisher : 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research, ICCIC 2017

Year : 2018

Abstract :

It is very critical to define and analyze the rate of admission in higher education at the private university. It is a democratic process that analyzes individual intellect, leadership quality, logical and problem-solving skills, performance in a co-curricular and extracurricular activity. The main objective of this paper is to design the framework for developing the academic dashboard to keep track of the walk-in, a number of prospectuses sold, call follow-up, tracing the admission to the various branches and applicants remarks. The dashboard provides information about how applicant came to know about the organization so that, in future social marketing can be effectively taken up for further improving the rate of admission. The admission data is analyzed through the various SQL queries and reports are generated through JEE for top-level decision. Google API is used for visualization. Dynamically reports can be accessed through the web by all top-level authorities. The implementation of data analytics and ICT skills in admission analysis stands as forefront technology to improve the growth of admission in higher education sector. © 2017 IEEE.

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