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An improved E-passport system with secured IoT and wireless communication technology

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : AIP Publishing

Source :

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Year : 2022

Abstract : A stepped forward E-Passports with IoT devices assumes an essential element in momentum research. Additionally, getting the data, placed away on E-Passport is also an essential difficulty. In this paper, we've got proposed a stepped forward far- off E-Visa framework with simple stage protection. The number one aim of this advanced system is to devise and foster an excessive stage tremendous far-off identity and Savvy card which conveys the identity subtleties and visa limits. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a programmed ID innovation this is using Radio recurrence signals. Utilizing RFID labels as opposed to identity and visa information to conquer the paper works and document lacking difficulty with IoT devices improvements the superior protection highlights of an identity. Also, this advanced system provides high level security in customer information storage.

Cite this Research Publication : T. Vignesh; K. K. Thyagharajan; R. Beaulah Jeyavathana; Prasanna Kumar R., "An improved E-passport system with secured IoT and wireless communication technology", AIP Conference Proceedings 2452, 060001 (2022)

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