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An innovative application for car engine disparity check – A novel attempt

Publisher : Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication, ICSPC 2017

Year : 2018

Abstract : Automotive industries play a dominant role in the development of car engine. Car engine consists of electrical and mechanical components that are highly complex in structure. Faults in the car engine may cause the entire system to fail. Disparity check for damaged component in the assembled car engine is very important and a developing area in automotive research sector. There are many techniques used in fault detection and for missing components in the assembled cars. In this paper, we present the automated disparity check system for assembled car's engine. Automated inspection system implemented using feature matching technique to inspect the assembled car and to find the missing/damaged components. It is observed to be very fast and accurate. The proposed system detects any missing components and detail them with a label. Complete system has been developed with Matlab and image processing techniques [4]. The research can be further elevated with more Augmented Reality concepts being brought in. © 2017 IEEE.

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