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Anemia as a risk factor for childhood Asthma

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Lung India

Source : Lung India, Volume 27, Number 2, p.51-53 (2010)

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Keywords : adolescent, adult, anemia, article, asthma, C reactive protein, child, Clinical trial, controlled study, female, hemolytic anemia, human, iron deficiency anemia, lower respiratory tract infection, lung function test, major clinical study, male, preschool child, risk factor, school child, thorax radiography, tuberculin test, upper respiratory tract infection

Year : 2010

Abstract : Objective: This prospective-(cohort) study was conducted to evaluate whether anemia is a risk factor for childhood asthma. Materials and Methods: Two hundred children in the age group of 2-18 years who attended the Outpatient Department with upper respiratory / lower respiratory tract infections were included in this study. One hundred children with anemia were taken as the study group and another 100, age - and sex-matched children without anemia were taken as the control.They were subjected to complete blood count (CBC) C-reactive protein (CRP) estimation, Mantoux test and chest X-ray. Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) were performed on those above six years showing evidence of asthma. Peripheral smear, serum ferritin and serum iron-binding capacity were estimated for all anemic children. Results: Asthma was present in 74 (74%) children in the study group and in 33 (33%) children in the control group. Iron-deficiency anemia was present in 85 (85%) anemia of chronic infection in 20 (20%) and the other five (5%) had hemolytic anemia. Anemia was found to be a risk factor for childhood asthma. Conclusion: Anemic children were 5.75 times more susceptible to asthmatic attacks when compared with nonanemic children.

Cite this Research Publication : K. Ramakrishnan and Borade, A., “Anemia as a risk factor for childhood Asthma”, Lung India, vol. 27, pp. 51-53, 2010.

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