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Annex 3. Attendance of the Workshop (Speakers and Observers)

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Learning-Technologies

Publisher : Children and Sustainable Development,

Source : Children and Sustainable Development, p. 429, 2017.

Campus : Amritapuri

School : Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Center For Research in Analytics, Technologies & Education (AmritaCREATE)

Department : Computer Science

Verified : Yes

Year : 2017

Abstract : Annex 3. Attendance of the Workshop (Speakers and Observers) Participants and Speakers Allende, Jorge (Chile) Arber, Werner (Switzerland) Archer, Margaret (UK) Arancibia, Luis (Colombia) Bhavani, Rao R.(India) Basu, Kaushik (USA) Blamont, Jacques (France) Coppens, Yves (France) Hillis, Daniel W.(USA) Holman, John (UK) Hugonnier, Bernard (France) Koizumi, Hideaki (Japan) Lee, Yee Cheong (Malaysia) Léna, Marguerite (France) Léna, Pierre (France) Lu, Mai (China) Palmeyro, Enrique (Argentina) Pasquinelli, Elena (France) Prema, Nedungadi (Amrita University, India) Ramanathan, Veerhabhadran (USA) Ross, Courtney (USA) Sachs, Jeffrey (USA) Samroo, Manzoor (Pakistan) Sánchez-Sorondo, Marcelo (Vatican) Sánchez Terán, Gonzalo (Spain) Singer, Wolf (PAS, Germany) Strauss, Sydney (Israel) Suñol, Ignacio (Colombia) Tobechi, Anyadike … Von Braun, Joachim

Cite this Research Publication : W. Switzerlan Arber, Allende, J., Rao R. Bhavani, Prof. Prema Nedungadi, Archer, M. U. K., Arancibia, L. Colombia, Basu, K., Blamont, J. France, Coppens, Y. France, Hillis, D. W., Holman, J. U. K., Hugonnier, B. France, Koizumi, H. Japan, Lee, Y. Cheong Mal, Léna, M. France, Palmeyro, E. Argentina, Pasquinelli, E. France, Léna, P. France, Lu, M. China, Ramanathan, V., Ross, C., Sachs, J., Samroo, M. Pakistan, Sánchez-Sorondo, M. Vatican, Terán, G. Spain Sán, Singer, W., Strauss, S. Israel, Suñol, I. Colombia, Tobechi, A. Nigeria, Tomlinson, S. U. K., and Turkson, P. K. A., “Annex 3. Attendance of the Workshop (Speakers and Observers)”, Children and Sustainable Development, p. 429, 2017.

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