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Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : 2020 International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems (ICESC)

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Keywords : Arduino based robot, autonomous, painting bot

Year : 2020

Abstract : Stadium maintenance staff are one of those people who work hard to maintain the court correctly. One of the items that often require rework is the lines drawn on the court for maintenance of track or boundaries or even the entire court when it is football stadium etc. Besides, for indoor stadiums that host volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc., lines need to be drawn. Redrawing the court after each match is one of the major problems of concern. In such a scenario, a system is proposed that can draw the court lines autonomously. The objective of this research work is to present a design of an autonomous sports court drawing bot that can draw the linear lines automatically which can aid in the maintenance work of the sports stadium.

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