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Computational Analysis of Micro RNAs Compatibility in Pharmacogenomic based regulatory networks of psoriatic Arthritis: An Initiation towards Identifying a Potential miRNA to Treat Psoriatic Arthritis

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology

Source : Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology

Campus : Coimbatore

Year : 2018

Abstract : In the era of post genomics, performing a computational analysis to understand the pharmacogenomic based regulation in Psoriatic Arthritis with respect to the principles of data mining and constructing a regulatory network with respect to the principles of systems biology and analyzing the network with respect to the principles of test statistic remains a challenging task to execute. The challenge was approached by identifying the associated genes of Psoriatic Arthritis from PharmGKB and it was followed by identifying the associated regulators (MicroRNAs and Transcription Factors) from miRTarBase/RegNetworks. Finally the compatibility of miRNA in Regulatory Networks is analyzed by the statistical measure in miRmap.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Harishchander Anandaram, Daniel Alex Anand, Computational analysis of micro RNAs compatibility in pharmacogenomic based regulatory networks of psoriatic arthritis: an initiation towards identifying a potential miRNA to treat psoriatic arthritis, Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology, 2018

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