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Contribution of Ekāgra/ Yogic Concentration to Mental health

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Kanpur Philosophers

Source : International Journal of humanities, Law and Social Sciences

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies

Year : 2023

Abstract : Recent Research has shown that there is increase in mind related issues among students in India. Materialistic view of the self among Indian urban youth is one among the many reasons for these issues. Burdened with unrealistic goals both by their own materialistic self and by societal expectations, there is a drastic rise in mental health issues some even leading to unfortunate instances like suicides. This paper is an attempt to show how methods of Yoga tackle this problem. This paper does not advocate abandonment of society, materialism and adoption of monkhood, rather it explores the level where the person can involve in the society without mental suffering. For this purpose, Yoga advocates changes in attitude towards society and ourselves leading to Chitta-prasāda (pleasantness of mind) and Sthithi-nibandhana(stability of mind). This leads toEkāgra (focused mind) where the individual gains true knowledge of the object leading toinvolvement in the society with detachment. This detachment is not a restriction imposed upon oneself rather a harmony between subject and object leading to change in materialistic outlook and reducing mental health problems.

Cite this Research Publication : Adhithya J Patri, Padmakumar P R, Contribution of Ekāgra/ Yogic Concentration to Mental health, Kanpur Philosophers, Volume X, Issue I(B), June 2023

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