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Cytotoxic Aquatic Pollutants and Their Removal by Nanocomposite-Based Sorbents

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Elsevier

Source : Chemosphere 2020, 258, 127324.

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School for Sustainable Futures

Year : 2020

Abstract : Water is an extremely essential compound for human life and, hence, accessing drinking water is very important all over the world. Nowadays, due to the urbanization and industrialization, several noxious pollutants are discharged into water. Water pollution by various cytotoxic contaminants, e.g. heavy metal ions, drugs, pesticides, dyes, residues a drastic public health issue for human beings; hence, this topic has been receiving much attention for the specific approaches and technologies to remove hazardous contaminants from water and wastewater. In the current review, the cytotoxicity of different sorts of aquatic pollutants for mammalian is presented. In addition, we will overview the recent advances in various nanocomposite-based adsorbents and different approaches of pollutants removal from water/wastewater with several examples to provide a backdrop for future research.

Cite this Research Publication : Srivastava, V.; Zare, E. N.; Makvandi, P.; Zheng, X.; Iftekhar, S.; Wu, A.; Padil, V. V. T.; Mokhtari, B.; Varma, R. S.; Tay, F. R.; Sillanpaa, M. "Cytotoxic Aquatic Pollutants and Their Removal by Nanocomposite-Based Sorbents". Chemosphere 2020, 258, 127324.

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