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Surface-Engineered Li4Ti5O12 Nanostructures for High-Power Li-Ion Batteries

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Publisher : Nano-Micro Letters

Source : Nano-Micro Letters, Volume 12, Issue 1, p.30 (2020)

Campus : Kochi

School : Center for Nanosciences

Center : Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine Move, Nanosciences

Department : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Year : 2020

Abstract : Materials with high-power charge–discharge capabilities are of interest to overcome the power limitations of conventional Li-ion batteries. In this study, a unique solvothermal synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 nanoparticles is proposed by using an off-stoichiometric precursor ratio. A Li-deficient off-stoichiometry leads to the coexistence of phase-separated crystalline nanoparticles of Li4Ti5O12 and TiO2 exhibiting reasonable high-rate performances. However, after the solvothermal process, an extended aging of the hydrolyzed solution leads to the formation of a Li4Ti5O12 nanoplate-like structure with a self-assembled disordered surface layer without crystalline TiO2. The Li4Ti5O12 nanoplates with the disordered surface layer deliver ultrahigh-rate performances for both charging and discharging in the range of 50–300C and reversible capacities of 156 and 113 mAh g−1 at these two rates, respectively. Furthermore, the electrode exhibits an ultrahigh-charging-rate capability up to 1200C (60 mAh g−1; discharge limited to 100C). Unlike previously reported high-rate half cells, we demonstrate a high-power Li-ion battery by coupling Li4Ti5O12 with a high-rate LiMn2O4 cathode. The full cell exhibits ultrafast charging/discharging for 140 and 12 s while retaining 97 and 66% of the anode theoretical capacity, respectively. Room- (25 °C), low- (− 10 °C), and high- (55 °C) temperature cycling data show the wide temperature operation range of the cell at a high rate of 100C.

Cite this Research Publication : B. Gangaja, Shantikumar V Nair, and Dr. Dhamodaran Santhanagopalan, “Surface-Engineered Li4Ti5O12 Nanostructures for High-Power Li-Ion Batteries”, Nano-Micro Letters, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 30, 2020.

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