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Design and Implementation of Electrical system in H-Gantry automation for Double Disc Front Brake

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : IEEE

Source : International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication (ICRTEC)

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2023

Abstract : The rapid development in the transportation sector and the need of continual growth and advancements in the branch of science and technologies in the field of vehicular technologies, the contributions from the researchers in the transportation sector is the key factor, the technology enhancements are achieved by adopting the automation technologies. Material handling by manual is an inefficient flaw for the production line in industries. This manual process yields to less productivity, slow, and non-flexible process. In the current trending scenario, automobiles are increasing rapidly, and simultaneously automotive parts production must be increase proportionately. The automation line must be adopted in production process to design products according to the customer's requirements in an optimized time span. The current research work further comprises an evaluation that involves the electrical circuit design plan by using EPLAN ELECTRIC P8, and accomplishment of CNC & PLC machinery in electrical engineering, and its control from automation for double-disc front brake fabricating filament. Various models of parts are tried and tested to achieve cycle time.

Cite this Research Publication : H. N. Srinivasa Nayaka, Shankar Nalinakshan, M.S. Ganesh Prasad, Vikram Y, Appalabathula Venkatesh "Design and Implementation of Electrical System in HGantry automation for double disc front brake," 2023 International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication (ICRTEC)

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