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Differential Pulse Voltammetric Detection of Ferulic Acid Using RGO-TiO2 Electrodes

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : INDICON 2018, IEEE Xplore (Accepted), Coimbatore .

Source : INDICON 2018, IEEE Xplore (Accepted), Coimbatore (2018)

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Chemical, Civil

Year : 2018

Abstract : A TiO 2 nanoparticles-decorated, chemically-reduced graphene oxide (rGO-TiO 2 )-modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was used as a voltammetric sensor to detect ferulic acid (FA). The surface morphology and nanoparticles size were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the presence of functional groups were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR). The electrochemically active surface area was calculated by performing chronocoulometry method. Sensing characteristics were studied using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). The developed sensor exhibited the piecewise linear behavior from range 0.1 μM to 1 μM and 1 μM to 300 μM with the sensitivity of 68.984 and 0.1543 μA/μM-cm 2 respectively. The limit of detection of the sensor was found to be 0.01 μM. The sensor also exhibited the repeatability and reproducibility with the deviation of ± 2.27% and ± 1.41% respectively, the selectivity was also high with negligible interferences. Finally, ferulic acid was successfully detected in foods such as popcorn and corn milk.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Murali Rangarajan, T, D. Bharathi, and S Anandh, P., “Differential Pulse Voltammetric Detection of Ferulic Acid Using RGO-TiO2 Electrodes”, in INDICON 2018, Coimbatore, 2018.

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