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Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding prevention of viral hepatitis among pre-university students in selected pre-university college at Hassan

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : GJRA

Year : 2017

Abstract : Acute viral hepatitis is the most common parenchymal liver disease seen in community. It is a worldwide problem including India. It occurs mainly due to unhygienic practices, unsafe water and poor environmental sanitation. It is common in adolescents; there was a need to educate this group focusing on primary prevention. A pre-experimental single group pre-test post-test design was used in the present study. 60 samples were selected using stratified random sampling technique and the data was collected from the samples using a structured knowledge questionnaire on prevention of viral hepatitis. It was observed that the post test scores was 75.77% which was significantly higher than the pretest knowledge score, which was 37.1%, the pretest knowledge scores in Experimental (39.5%) and Control group (39.9%). The paired to test value was 30.67 at P=0.00 level. Thus the findings of the study signify that structured teaching programme was effective in enhancing the knowledge of Pre University students on prevention of Viral Hepatitis. The present study concluded that structured teaching programme on prevention of viral hepatitis was an effective method for providing moderate to adequate knowledge among Pre University Students to enhance their knowledge regarding prevention of viral hepatitis.

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