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Effects of long term ethanol consumption on cell death in liver

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Medical Sciences

Publisher : Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

Source : Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, Volume 26, Number 1, p.84-87 (2011)

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Keywords : alcohol consumption, alcohol liver cirrhosis, animal experiment, animal model, animal tissue, apoptosis, article, caspase 3, caspase 8, controlled study, enzyme activity, male, nick end labeling, nonhuman, rat

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Biochemistry

Year : 2011

Abstract : Apoptosis plays an important role in cellular homeostasis. In this study we have investigated whether apoptosis is a contributory factor to alcohol induced liver damage. Long term ethanol (1.6 g/kg body weight/day) exposure augmented liver apoptosis as reflected by high frequency of positive TUNEL staining nuclei and by an increased activity of caspase-3 and -8. Our study provides evidence that long-term ethanol consumption triggers apoptotic process in the liver. © 2010 Association of Clinical Biochemists of India.

Cite this Research Publication : D. M. Vasudevan, Das, S. K., and Mukherjee, S., “Effects of long term ethanol consumption on cell death in liver”, Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, vol. 26, pp. 84-87, 2011.

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