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EMC2: An Emergency Management System Using Mobile Cloud Computing

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : 2016 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS)

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Campus : Amaravati

School : School of Computing

Verified : No

Year : 2021

Abstract : A natural or unexpected man‐made emergency may occur at any time and which affects the economy as well as human life of the country. The most important task in an emergency is to collect the essential information about the emergency places and do a proper analysis to take effective action. In those situations, mobile gadgets are very much helpful to collect the information in a significant way. The mobile devices have certain limitations such as less battery power, lack of Internet connectivity for data transmission or less computational resources. So the energy hungry applications can be offloaded to the cloud to reduce the workload of the mobile devices. To overcome these problems, the authors propose an emergency management system named as EMC2, which follows peer‐to‐peer communication using Bluetooth technology. EMC2 first detects the available mobile devices present in a network using mobile probing service (MPS) and then it chooses the suitable mobile device among them using mobile ranking service (MRS). EMC2 also determines the best network resources while roaming in heterogeneous access networks (HANs). The experimental results of authors– proposed EMC2 approach shows the increased performance and out‐performs in terms of receiving time as compared to the baseline algorithm.

Cite this Research Publication : V Ramasamy, B Gomathi , J.L. Sarkar , C.R. Panigrahi , B Pati , A. Majumder “EMC2: An Emergency Management System Using Mobile Cloud Computing”, IET Networks, 2019.

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