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Experimental investigation on influence of molybdenum content on tribological properties of hybrid PTFE composite

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : AIP Conference Proceedings

Source : International conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 2080, St Joseph College of Engineering/Mangalore (2019)

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical

Year : 2019

Abstract : The work aims at investigating the wear and friction properties of PTFE composite by adding graphite and molybdenum as fillers. Powder metallurgy technique has been used in preparation of the specimen. There are six different compounds prepared by the addition of different percentages of molybdenum for the fixed composition of PTFE and graphite. The effect of filler content, load, sliding distance on wear and friction properties was observed in this study. The experimental results revealed that, polymer filled composite can offer less wear rate compared to pure PTFE and graphite compound. This could be contributed to the presence of molybdenum and graphite fillers. The results also show that wear resistance increased with increased content of fillers. The composite that contains 22.5% molybdenum has showed highest hardness. © 2019 Author(s).

Cite this Research Publication : R. K. R. Anandarao, Srinivasan, S., Rommala, H. R., and Deepthi, Y. P., “Experimental Investigation on Influence of Molybdenum Content on Tribological Properties of Hybrid PTFE Composite”, in International conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering, St Joseph College of Engineering/Mangalore, 2019, vol. 2080.

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