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Fabrication and mechanical characterization of multilayered nomex and e-glass polymer matrix composites

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : AIP Conference Proceedings

Source : AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 2274, Number 1, p.030026 (2020)

Url :

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2020

Abstract : This research is carried about finding alternative to components of metal matrix composites used in aeronautical applications by E-glass and nomex polymer matrix composite material. It finds a variety of aeronautical component applications such as outer shell body to withstand very high temperature conditions. The present technology of fabrication of such body uses RCC tiles which are bonded strongly together and used as a protection layer in the space craft's. After the finding of Fiber Insulated Blankets these tiles were almost completely replaced by multilayered blanket of polymer matrix composites which can readily spread across the top surface evenly and effectively. Nomex is available in paper and also pressboard form which retains excellent mechanical behavior at extremely less temperatures conditions around minus 1960C, tensile strength of Nomex 410 – 0.25 mm type paper enhanced by 35-55%, and the percentage of elongation to break is still greater than 3% (better than most other inorganic materials at room temperature). Thus proves the strength of Nomex capability at cryogenic temperatures.

Cite this Research Publication : Kumar, K.P., Kumar, M.P., Reddy, G.S., Vardhan, T.H., Dileep, B.P., "Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Multilayered Nomex and E-Glass Polymer Matrix Composites," Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Materials Research (ICAMR - 2019), AIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, 2274, 030026

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