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Fault location strategy based on wavelet transform analysis for LVDC micro-grid

Publisher : 2017 International Conference on Technological Advancements in Power and Energy ( TAP Energy)

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Year : 2017

Abstract : A novel methodology for finding fault location by using Wavelet Transform (WT) analysis and isolating respective faulted zone from rest of the Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) microgrid so as to prevent entire system failure is presented in this paper. A fault in the LVDC microgrid can make the entire system to de-energize thereby making it extremely difficult to find the exact location of fault. The main objective is to detect as well as isolate faulted segment whenever fault occurs in LVDC microgrid. Ring bus topology is used to implement the system. Relays are used for isolating zones when fault occurs. A fault location strategy using probe power unit is presented. Damped resonant frequency obtained using PPU at the time of fault is assumed to be equal to the natural frequency of the LVDC microgrid. By extracting the damped frequency from probe current or probe voltage using WT analysis fault location can be obtained accurately.

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