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Finite Element Method-Based Artificial Neural Network

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : ICT Analysis and Applications

Source : ICT Analysis and Applications,755-768, 2022

Url :,on%20the%20density%20distribution%20function.

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2022

Abstract : Write-up is about the basics of finite element method (FEM) starts with the introduction of finite element analysis followed by the implementation of artificial neural networks (ANN) in brief, and finally, article explains the combination of FEM with the emerging ANN to provide an accurate mesh generation technique. It tells us the importance of FEM in the real-world engineering applications and moving on to the discretization of the domain for the generation of FEM mesh and the implementing steps of it. It gives us a glance of how a mesh refinement can be made from the coarse mesh using few refinement techniques and also the standard guidelines to be followed before computing for an adaptive mesh. Later on moving on to the working of an ANN in the feed forward process and the activation function which is used widely. It explains the cost/error function and, finally, computing for the desired output using back propagation algorithm. The final section explains the importance of implementing the FEM mesh using ANN. The elements that are generated in FEM domain are extracted using ANN algorithm by considering the neurons with the FEM nodes and the physical space of the domain with the weight space of the neural network

Cite this Research Publication : H Pothina, KV Nagaraja, Finite Element Method-Based Artificial Neural Network, ICT Analysis and Applications,755-768, 2022

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