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Generating a causal model of buying behaviour for infants’ apparel using the fuzzy DEMATEL

Publisher : International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Year : 2018

Abstract : pThe pattern of purchase behaviour of infants' apparel is complex to understand. This is because of the technological innovation, dynamic customer requirements and expectations in apparel industry. It has become an inevitable task for all manufacturers to understand and identify the factors affecting purchase behaviour of infants' apparel in order to make both short term and long term success in their industry. In this paper, ten important criteria were recognized in selecting the apparels for infants through reviewing various articles associated with this issue. This challenge requires organized decision making tool that can handle the vagueness in a fuzzy environment. In this paper fuzzy DEMATEL approach has been used. It makes a structural and organized model and creates the causal relationships which are explained by cause-effect diagram. Finally, the result showed that four critical factor such as convenience, quality/perceived quality, price and fabric choice which could influence purchase behaviour of infant's apparel. © 2018 Academic Press. All rights reserved./p

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