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Geometric modification of a switched reluctance motor for minimization of torque ripple using finite element analysis for electric vehicle application

Publisher : Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review

Year : 2019

Abstract : There is a growing interest in developing Switched Reluctance Motors for electrical traction applications. This is mainly due to the significant advantages as lower cost, better fault tolerance, high reliability possessed by Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) when compared with any other rare earth motors. But the SRM suffers from a torque ripple problem due to its double saliency and this has limited its use in automotive traction applications. This paper deals with the design of an 8/6 20kW SRM used for electric vehicle application and comparison of performance of the conventional motor with that of geometrically optimized SRM. The conventional design method is available in literature. The optimized geometry is modeled using JMAG software and compared with the conventional one for reduced torque ripple. The optimization was done for the air gap, extended pole shoe, fillets and circular windows for reduced torque ripple. The simulation shows a reduced torque ripple for the optimized geometry. © 2019 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology.

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