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2012 IEEE 5th Power India Conference, PICONF 2012, Murthal, Haryana, p.1-4 (2012)





Blind signal processing, Design and operations, Electric power systems, Estimation, Harmonic analysis, Harmonic components, Harmonic state estimation, Harmonic voltages, Independent component analysis, Minimal information, Mutual informations, Signal processing, Synchronized measurement


Harmonic analysis is an integral part of system planning, design and operation of power systems. Harmonic voltage and current measurements require synchronized measurements which are complicated and more expensive than ordinary measurements. Generally a large number of measurements are required to estimate the harmonic sources using Harmonic State Estimation techniques. In this work, the harmonic current profile in the power system is estimated using minimal information on the power system structure. A blind signal processing technique using Independent Component Analysis based on basic neural network is applied for the detection of harmonic components generated by nonlinear current loads. The harmonic current estimation is carried out on a five bus system and the results obtained in simulation are transported to the embedded platform.NET Micro framework board. © 2012 IEEE.


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R. K. Chamarthi, Sriramachandiran, S., Balaji Hariharan, Sivaramakrishnan, H., and Supriya, P., “Harmonic current estimation using mutual information based independent component analysis”, 2012 IEEE 5th Power India Conference, PICONF 2012. Murthal, Haryana, pp. 1-4, 2012.