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Improving Rural Electrification through Interconnected Solar Micro Grids

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Thematic Areas : Wireless Network and Application

Publisher : 2018 International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies (ICSGCE), IEEE, Kajang, Malaysia .

Source : 2018 International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies (ICSGCE), IEEE, Kajang, Malaysia (2018)

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Keywords : Application layer, Community development, Distributed power generation, dust accumulation, end-to-end system, Energy management, Energy management systems, frequent power quality issues, generation efficiency, grid interconnection, interconnected solar micro grids, Internet of things, IoT system, Low voltage, Micro grid, microgrid cluster interconnection methodology, microgrid interconnections, network layer, operating frequency deviation, optimised renewable energy utilisation, perception layer, power generation reliability, power interruptions, Power sharing, power supply quality, power system interconnection, power system measurement, Quality of service, quality-of-service, Reliability, Renewable energy, Rural community, Rural electrification, rural electrification system, solar irradiation levels, solar microgrid deployment, solar microgrid systems, solar power, solar power stations, South India, unpredictable dynamic changes

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA)

Department : Wireless Networks and Applications (AWNA)

Year : 2018

Abstract : Renewable energy based rural electrification system experiences fluctuation in generation efficiency due to various unpredictable dynamic changes such as solar irradiation levels, rainfall, dust accumulation, vegetation, etc. Due to these fluctuations the system experiences frequent power quality issues such as low voltage, power interruptions, operating frequency deviation, etc., leading to the degradation of the performance and reliability of these solar micro grid systems. In this paper micro grid cluster interconnection methodology is proposed to improve the efficiency of the system. To develop real-time decisions on energy management and micro grid interconnections, we have designed an IoT system that is capable to monitor and learn the dynamic changes in power quality to control the subsystems for improving the quality of service. In this work we have analysed the need of such a system in one of the rural community having solar micro grid deployment in South India. Based on the needs we have designed and developed an end-to-end system consisting of perception layer, network layer and application layer. Detailed experimentation and evaluation was performed in our laboratory and the performance results are discussed in this paper.

Cite this Research Publication : N. B. Sai Shibu, Arya Devi R. D., Ramesh, M. V., Sukumar, G. M., and Macharla, V. R., “Improving Rural Electrification through Interconnected Solar Micro Grids”, in 2018 International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies (ICSGCE), Kajang, Malaysia, 2018.

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