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Influence of remittances oncapital endowment of Tibetan refugees in India

Publisher : International Journal of Development Issues

Year : 2019

Abstract : Purpose: An issue concerning Tibetan refugees in India is the poverty and unemployment among Tibetan youth. This often leads to households adopting a strategy of sending one of its members abroad towards North American or European countries in search of better income opportunities. Incomes in the form of remittances from these forward migrants have numerous impacts on living standard of left behind families. This study aims to focus on the influence of forward migrant’s remittances on livelihood in terms of human, financial and social capital development of Tibetan refugees in India. Design/methodology/approach: The paper includes 400 households from high-economic and low-economic-access regions of Tibetan settlements in India. Ordinary least square method was used to study these impacts. Findings: Findings show that remittances have significantly influenced human and financial capital development. However, it was found to be statistically not significant for social capital development. Originality/value: The present paper is original work. © 2019, Emerald Publishing Limited.

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