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Initiating a Robotic Thyroidectomy Program in India.

Publisher : Indian J Surg Oncol

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Head & Neck Surgery

Year : 2018

Abstract : Robotic surgery has been successfully used for many surgical indications in head and neck surgery. Robotic thyroidectomy is getting accepted worldwide, but the majority of the literature is from South Korea. The purpose of the paper is to review and give a personal perspective on how a robotic thyroidectomy program was initiated in a tertiary care academic medical institution in India. Advantages of robotic approaches are the three-dimensional visualization, precision, dexterity, and surgeon ergonomics. Cost is an important concern. Training includes basic robotics skill training, cadaveric training, observership, and hands-on training. Sufficient preclinical and clinical training is essential before embarking onto the newer surgical modality. Surgeon credentialing, though institution dependent, has specific guidelines. Case selection is the key, especially in the initial learning curve. The authors prefer the retroauricular approach for robotic thyroidectomy, and our initial experience in the first ten cases of total thyroidectomy was encouraging.

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