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Knowledge Update on Bioreactor Technology for Cellulase Production

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Elsevier

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Agricultural Sciences

Year : 2019

Abstract : Applications for cellulase in different industries are increasing every year and there will be more scope and potential for cellulase production industries to supply the huge demand. Several microorganisms, as well as substrates, have been tried to produce good-quality cellulase (high specific activity) with lower production cost. The cellulase can be derived from different substrates via either the solid-state fermentation process or submerged fermentation process. Process design, bioreactor design, and different types of bioreactors employed for cellulase production are briefly discussed in this chapter. A broad outline of the individual cellulase production process, as well as bioreactor classification and their types, are explained. Basic criteria are considered and advanced tools such as computational fluid dynamics used in bioreactor design are also described. Even though solid-state fermentation process-based bioreactors offer several advantages over submerged fermentation bioreactors, the stirred-tank reactor with an automatic process control system is more popular for large-scale production due to easy handling, operation, and enhanced heat transfer characteristics.

Cite this Research Publication : Ramesh, D., Muniraj, I.K., Thangavelu, K., Karthikeyan, S. Knowledge update on bioreactor technology for cellulase production.2019.Elsevier.

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