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Lactoferrin Bioconjugated solid Lipid Nanoparticles: A New Drug Delivery System for Potential Brain Targeting

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

Source : Journal of Drug Targeting, Taylor & Francis, Volume 24, Number 3, p.212-223 (2016)

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Campus : Kochi

School : School of Pharmacy

Department : Pharmacology

Verified : Yes

Year : 2016

Abstract : AbstractBackground: Delivery of drugs to brain is a subtle task in the therapy of many severe neurological disorders. Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) easily diffuse the blood–brain barrier (BBB) due to their lipophilic nature. Furthermore, ligand conjugation on SLN surface enhances the targeting efficiency. Lactoferin (Lf) conjugated SLN system is first time attempted for effective brain targeting in this study.Purpose: Preparation of Lf-modified docetaxel (DTX)-loaded SLN for proficient delivery of DTX to brain.Methods: DTX-loaded SLN were prepared using emulsification and solvent evaporation method and conjugation of Lf on SLN surface (C-SLN) was attained through carbodiimide chemistry. These lipidic nanoparticles were evaluated by DLS, AFM, FTIR, XRD techniques and in vitro release studies. Colloidal stability study was performed in biologically simulated environment (normal saline and serum). These lipidic nanoparticles were further evaluated for its targeting mechanism for uptake in brain tumour cells and brain via receptor saturation studies and distribution studies in brain, respectively.Results: Particle size of lipidic nanoparticles was found to be optimum. Surface morphology (zeta potential, AFM) and surface chemistry (FTIR) confirmed conjugation of Lf on SLN surface. Cytotoxicity studies revealed augmented apoptotic activity of C-SLN than SLN and DTX. Enhanced cytotoxicity was demonstrated by receptor saturation and uptake studies. Brain concentration of DTX was elevated significantly with C-SLN than marketed formulation.Conclusions: It is evident from the cytotoxicity, uptake that SLN has potential to deliver drug to brain than marketed formulation but conjugating Lf on SLN surface (C-SLN) further increased the targeting potential for brain tumour. Moreover, brain distribution studies corroborated the use of C-SLN as a viable vehicle to target drug to brain. Hence, C-SLN was demonstrated to be a promising DTX delivery system to brain as it possessed remarkable biocompatibility, stability and efficacy than other reported delivery systems.

Cite this Research Publication : I. Singh, Swami, R., Pooja, D., Dr. Manish Kumar Jeengar, Khan, W., and Sistla, R., “Lactoferrin Bioconjugated solid Lipid Nanoparticles: A New Drug Delivery System for Potential Brain Targeting”, Journal of Drug Targeting, vol. 24, pp. 212-223, 2016.

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