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Linear and Nonlinear Stability of Double-Diffusive Convection with the Soret Effect

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Springer Science+Business Media.

Source : Springer Science+Business Media., Volume 121, Issue 1, p.93–108 (2017)

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Keywords : Double-diffusive convection, Energy method, Porous medium, Soret effect

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mathematics

Year : 2017

Abstract : The onset of double-diffusive convection in a horizontal fluid-saturated porous layer is examined by taking the Soret effect into consideration. The linear and nonlinear stability analyses are derived, and the corresponding eigenvalue problems are solved. The nonlinear stability analysis is achieved by using the energy method. In both the cases of linear and nonlinear stability theories, the onset criterion for all possible modes is derived analytically. For numerical computations of the eigenvalue problem, the Chebyshev tau method is employed. It is observed that the effect of stabilization or destabilization caused by the Soret parameter is significant for the Soret parameters which are less than Sr=2 . In the absence of the Soret effect, the linear and nonlinear stability thresholds coincide.

Cite this Research Publication : N. Deepika, “Linear and Nonlinear Stability of Double-Diffusive Convection with the Soret Effect”, Springer Science+Business Media., vol. 121, no. 1, pp. 93–108, 2017.

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