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Mathematical modelling of a single tethered aerostat using longitudinal stability derivatives

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Scientific Reports

Source : Scientific Reports – Springer Nature

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2024

Abstract : Lighter-than-air (LTA) aerial vehicles such as airships and aerostats can be found in various strategic and commercial applications, primarily due to their capability to hover and stealth. The mathematical model of these vehicles helps in understanding their complex dynamics and designing and developing proper stabilisation systems for them. Stability derivatives have been used for developing mathematical models for heavier-than-air aerial vehicles since their introduction. This paper presents a methodology to develop a mathematical model of an aerostat based on stability derivatives. One of the major contributions of this study is the estimation of aerostat’s added mass terms expressed as longitudinal stability derivatives due to acceleration of the longitudinal motion variables. A longitudinally decoupled linear mathematical model of a single-tethered aerostat using stability derivatives is investigated in this study. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based analysis of the 3D model of the vehicle is used to obtain the stability derivatives. The methodology presented considers the aerostat and tether models separately before coupling them to create the full model. The stability derivative analysis is carried out using ANSYS Fluent, and the coupled tethered aerostat model is investigated using MATLAB 2020. The negative pitch angle of the aerostat is caused by the selection of the pitching centre as the aerostat centre of volume instead of the tether confluence point. The tension force on the tether, which is proportional to the wind velocity, and aerostat velocity components are found to be stabilised within 200–400 s.

Cite this Research Publication : Anoop Sasidharan, Ratna Kishore Velamati, Akram Mohammad & Sabrina Benaissa., Mathematical modelling of a single tethered aerostat using longitudinal stability derivatives.

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