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Mechanical and Tribological Assessment of Composite AlCrN or a-C: Ag-based Thin Films for Implant Applications.

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher :  Ceramics International 

Source :  Ceramics International (2021), 47 (5), 6736-6752.

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2021

Abstract : The present study focuses on the comparison of cathodic arc deposited AlCrN (ternary coating) and Ag alloyed a-C (amorphous carbon base coating) on chrome nitride (CrN) medical grade 316 LVM stainless steel. The work comprises of morphological, structural, nanomechanical and tribological evaluation in physiological simulated body fluid (SBF) lubrication following conditions pertaining to simulated hip joint. According to the findings, H/E, H3/E2 and Ecoating/Esubstrate significantly effect the nanomechanical and tribological properties of the coatings. While a-C:Ag/CrN exhibited better Ly value compared to AlCrN/CrN due to better surface quality, the later has shown higher Lc2 value during nanoscratch test attributed to lower H3/E2 and higher plastic work done. Inspite of lower friction coefficient, a-C:Ag/CrN observed higher wear rate during simulated tribotest attributed to low hardness, separate graphitic structure due to Ag doping and sudden increase of friction coefficient ascribed to severe abrasive delamination of a-C:Ag top layer. The wear mechanism observed under SEM microscopy indicate severe adhesion of Ti6Al4V counterbody on AlCrN/CrN coated surface. The size of wear debris obtained with AlCrN/CrN-Ti6Al4V tribopair was larger in size compared to a-C:Ag/CrN-Ti6Al4V tribopair. Nevertheless, despite inferior surface quality and lower Ly value and larger wear debris size, AlCrN/CrN coating performed better in nanoscratch (at Lc2 value) and demonstrated lower wear in simulated tribotest in physiological SBF condition.

Cite this Research Publication : Patnaik L, Maity SR, and Kumar S. "Mechanical and Tribological Assessment of Composite AlCrN or a-C: Ag-based Thin Films for Implant Applications." Ceramics International (2021), 47 (5), 6736-6752.

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