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Mechanical milling of red phosphorus: Is it safer, low cost, scalable method to produce black phosphorus

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : AIP Publishing


Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Physical Sciences

Department : Chemistry

Year : 2023

Abstract : The need of improvement of efficiency of photocatalytic applications such as disinfection of water, conversion of carbon dioxide, hydrogen generation, and degradation of pollutants etc. demand the design and synthesis of novel visible light photocatalysts. In this regard, new class materials like elemental red phosphorus (RP), black phosphorus (BP), elemental sulfur, and boron are recently explored as metal free photocatalysts. In the recent years, black phosphorus (BP) and its composites are explored as efficient photocatalyst for the various photocatalytic processes. In addition to its efficiency towards the photocatalytic process, it is structurally interesting two dimensional material (2-D) material. However, many methods for synthesis of black phosphorus require certain complex procedures and results metal contamination in the synthesized BP. Herein, we focused on the attempts to synthesize black phosphorus by simple ball milling process at different milling times in the presence and absence of solvent. Preliminary results obtained and presented in this manuscript, could be useful to optimize the synthesis of BP using RP by simplemechanical milling.

Cite this Research Publication : M Roshith, TG Babu, Darbha V Ravi Kumar, "Mechanical milling of red phosphorus: Is it safer, low cost, scalable method to produce black phosphorus",RESEARCH ARTICLE,2023

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