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Multi-layer, multi-modal medical image intelligent fusion

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Multimedia Tools and Applications

Source : Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2022 I.F 2.853

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Campus : Bengaluru

School : Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2022

Abstract : Recently, deep learning has high popularity in the field of image processing due to its unique feature extraction property. This paper, proposes a novel multi-layer, multi-tier system called Multi-Layer Intelligent Image Fusion(MLIIF) with deep learning(DL) networks for visually enhanced medical images through fusion. Implemented deep feature based multilayer fusion strategy for both high frequency and low frequency components to obtain more informative fused image from the source image sets. The hybrid MLIIF consists of VGG-19, VGG-11, and Squeezenet DL networks for different layer deep feature extraction from approximation and detailed frequency components of the source images. The robustness of the proposed multi-layer, multi-tier fusion system is validated by subjective and objective analysis. The effectiveness of the proposed MLIIF system is evaluated by error image calculation with the ground truth image and thus accuracy of the system. The source images utilized for the experimentations are collected from the website and the proposed MLIIF system obtained an accuracy of 95%. The experimental findings indicate that the proposed system outperforms compared with existing DL networks.

Cite this Research Publication : Multi-layer, multi-modal medical image intelligent fusion Nair, R.R., Singh, T., asavapattana, A., Pawar, M.M.Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2022 I.F 2.853

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