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Nonlinear dynamics of asymmetric bistable energy harvesting systems

Publisher : AIP Conference Proceedings

Year : 2019

Abstract : In this work, the nonlinear dynamics of an asymmetric bistable energy harvesting system is investigated numerically. The asymmetry is introduced in the equation of motion as a quadratic term with respect to the response. The nondimensional equations of motion are integrated numerically and the bifurcation diagrams are generated with excitation frequency and coefficient of quadratic nonlinearity as parameters. Bifurcation diagrams show existence of periodic and chaotic regions. Bifurcation diagrams are compared with that of symmetric bistable systems and conclusions were derived. It is found that the presence of asymmetry in the system can deteriorate the performance of the energy harvester. This study provides certain guidelines for the design of efficient energy harvesting systems in the presence of asymmetry. © 2019 Author(s).

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