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Nose to Brain Delivery of Phenytoin Sodium Loaded Nano Lipid Carriers: Formulation, Drug Release, Permeation and In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Studies

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Pharmaceutics

Source : Pharmaceutics, 13(10):1640. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics13101640. (2021)

Url :

Keywords : acute epileptic seizure; nanolipid carrier; nose to brain delivery; olfactory epithelium; phenytoin sodium.

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Pharmacy

Year : 2021

Abstract : An acute epileptic seizure is a seizure emergency fatal condition that requires immediate medical attention. IV phenytoin sodium remains the second line therapeutic agent for the immediate treatment of status epilepticus. Phenytoin sodium formulated as nanolipid carriers (NLCs) seems to be promising as an intranasal delivery system for controlling acute seizures. Three different nanosized phenytoin sodium loaded NLCs (<50 nm, 50-100 nm and >100 nm) were prepared by melt emulsification and was further characterised. In vitro drug release studies showed immediate drug release from phenytoin sodium loaded NLCs of <50 nm size, which is highly essential for acute seizure control. The ex vivo permeation study indicated greater permeation from <50 nm sized NLC through the olfactory epithelium compared to thecontrol drug solution. Invivo pharmacokinetic studies revealed higher drug concentration in CSF/brain within 5 min upon intranasal administration of <50 nm sized phenytoin sodium NLCs than the control drug solution and marketed IV phenytoin sodium, indicating direct and rapid nose to brain drug transport through the olfactory epithelium. The study has shown that formulation strategies can enhance olfactory uptake, and phenytoin sodium NLCs of desired particle sizes (<50 nm) offer promising potential for nose to brain direct delivery of phenytoin sodium in treating acute epileptic seizures.

Cite this Research Publication : Nair, S.C., Vinayan, K.P., Mangalathillam, S.Nose to brain delivery of phenytoin sodium loaded nano lipid carriers: Formulation, drug release, permeation and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies, Pharmaceutics, 13(10):1640. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics13101640. (2021)

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