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Nutraceutical potentials of synergic foods: a systematic review

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : BMC

Url :

Year : 2019

Abstract : Food synergy is a concept of linking foods to health. Food consists of mixtures of nutrients, serving as a fuel for the body. When synergistic foods are put together, the evidence for potential health benefits becomes stronger than individual foods. Nutrient deficiency is a known phenomenon in many individuals, and synergy plays a very important role in combating the nutritional deficiency. Today’s consumer expresses high interest to build knowledge on the active role of food in their well-being, as well as in the prevention of non-transmissible chronic diseases. Functional foods and their active compounds play a vital role in preventing chronic diseases, improving immunity, and decreasing infections. The concept of synergy is an overthinking in nutrition research which can enhance effective dietary planning value added to the forthcoming nutrition research. This paper gives an overview of various synergic combinations of food components and their interactions within the food and with the human system to attain ideal health benefits.

Cite this Research Publication : Natarajan, T.D., Ramasamy, J.R. & Palanisamy, K. Nutraceutical potentials of synergic foods: a systematic review. J. Ethn. Food 6, 27 (2019).

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