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Object Coding using a Shape Adaptive Wavelet Transform with Scalable WDR Method

Publisher : Image Processing, 2007. ICIP 2007. IEEE International Conference on (Volume:2 )

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2007

Abstract : In this paper, a shape adaptive wavelet transform coding scheme for arbitrarily shaped visual objects which is also scalable and progressive is proposed. The proposed scheme uses the shape adaptive wavelet transform (SA-DWT) of extracted objects for generating the wavelet coefficients and the wavelet difference method (SWDR) for progressive scalable coding and decoding. The method is developed for the limited bandwidth network where the image quality and data compression are most important. The experiments are performed on the MRI medical images, and video sequence images. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme is slightly better at all bit rates, in PSNR values compared to the other scalable coding schemes like SPIHT etc. Thus, the proposed coding scheme gives a convenient and better object coding scheme with applications in the multimedia image compression and transmission scenario.

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