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Omega-3 fatty acid based nanolipid formulation of atorvastatin for treating hyperlipidemia

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Source : Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Volume 9, Number 2, p.271-280 (2019)

Url :

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Pharmacy

Department : Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology

Year : 2019

Abstract : Purpose: In the current study, attempts have been made to formulate an omega-3 fatty acid based nanostructured lipid carriers of atorvastatin (AT), for treating hyperlipidemia; and to evaluate their antihyperlipidemic activity using in vitro and in vivo studies. Methods: Omega-3 fatty acid based AT-loaded nanolipid carriers (NLC) were formulated by the melt emulsification ultrasonication technology. The prepared NLC consist of stearic acid (as solid lipid), omega-3 fatty acid (as liquid lipid), Tween 80, poloxamer 188 (surfactants) and soya-lecithin (co-surfactant). Results: AT loaded NLCs have a particle size of 74.76 ± 4.266 nm, a zeta potential value of -36.03 ± 1.504 mV and a high drug entrapment efficiency (EE) of 86.70 % ± 0.155. The release of AT from NLCs exhibited a sustained behaviour, which made it an ideal vehicle for drug delivery. MTT assay results indicated that NLCs are compatible with L929 (mouse fibroblast) cell lines. Anti-hyperlipidemic study showed a significant reduction in LDL and TG levels in serum with the orally administered Omega-3 fatty acid based AT loaded NLCs when compared to marketed formulation. Conclusion: The results demonstrated that the omega-3 fatty acid based NLC has the potential to be a promising nanomedicine for the treatment of hyperlipidemia. © 2019 The Author (s).

Cite this Research Publication : R. Sreedhar, Kumar, V. S., Pillai, A. K. Bhaskaran, and Dr. Sabitha M., “Omega-3 fatty acid based nanolipid formulation of atorvastatin for treating hyperlipidemia”, Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol. 9, pp. 271-280, 2019.

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