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Oxidation of N-Heterocyclics: A Green Approach

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Source : Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2007, 44 (6), 1223–1230.

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Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Physical Sciences

Year : 2007

Abstract : Environmentally benign oxidation methods satisfy the postulates of green chemistry. Heterocyclic Noxides have applications in synthetic organic chemistry, chemotherapy and agrochemicals. Synthesis of Noxides using green oxidants will be attractive over the conventional methods. The presence of the N-oxide group in the azine ring makes it more subject to electrophilic and nucleophilic attack and substantially expands the synthetic approaches for the modification of nitrogen-containing heterocyclics. That is the reason for the increasing interest in the chemistry of heterocyclic N-oxides. Some reactions adopted for oxidation of N-heterocyclics have been discussed. Stereochemical and spectroscopic aspects have been mentioned. It will be advantageous if anchored catalysts are employed for industrial exploitation. Several physiochemical aspects of various methods have been discussed.

Cite this Research Publication : Sivasubramanian, G.; Parameswaran, V. R. Oxidation of N-Heterocyclics: A Green Approach. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2007, 44 (6), 1223–1230

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